Rounding Up: Don't Neglect the Top or Bottom Rounds of Venison - venison bottom round roast


Slow Cooker Venison Roast Recipe - venison bottom round roast

The bottom round is a large roast that comes from the rear quarter. It is on the outside of the rear of the leg (hamstring). All of the rounds are on the tough side.

Recipes and cooking methods for every bit of meat from a deer's nose . The cuts are, from bottom left to right: Bottom round, eye of round, top.

Venison Rounds, Top Rounds, Bottom Rounds, cooking, hunting, carving. 1 of 3. Photo by Sarah Sanford. Venison Rounds “Don't just send the.

"We've always cooked with venison and this tender flavorful roast and gravy have been a favorite at our house for years," says Ruth McLaren of Shermans Dale.