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A tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical, drinking cup with a single handle. Tankards are usually made of silver or pewter, but can be made of other materials, for example wood, ceramic or leather. A tankard may have a hinged lid, and tankards featuring glass bottoms are The legend is that the glass bottomed tankard was developed as a way of.

The glass bottom tankard dates back to the s. It's said that it came about when one captain decided to cut a hole in the bottom of his beer tankard and fitted.

Pewter 'King's Shilling Glass Bottom Pint Tankard Made in Sheffield Height= mm x mm When a press gang was looking for crew to join the Royal Navy​.

VINTAGE Brooks Brothers PEWTER Mug Tankard CUP Glass Bottom MADE Satin Sheffield Pewter Tankard Mug made in England w/ glass bottom pint size.