Trick of the Trade: Paraphimosis - Pour Some Sugar On Me - granulated sugar to penis for edema


Health Guide: Paraphimosis granulated sugar to penis for edema

[Sugar: treatment of choice in irreducible paraphimosis]. granulated sugar on prepuce and glands penis during hours until edema reduction was observed.

Several methods of reducing the penile swelling have been described. preputial edema, while osmotic agents, such as granulated sugar or.

The treatment of paraphimosis involves reducing the penile edema and Granulated sugar has shown to be effective in the treatment of.

Trick of the Trade: Management of paraphimosis - Pour some sugar on me. a retracted foreskin can't be reduced back over the glans of the penis. treatment requires at least an hour for the swelling to come down. Kerwat R, Shandall A, Stephenson B. Reduction of paraphimosis with granulated sugar.