Stacked animal fetish necklace 28 inches - stacked fetish necklace


Fakes – Keshi The Zuni Connection stacked fetish necklace

I just bought a stacked fetish necklace the other day and was wondering how I could figure out if it authentic or not. All the shop owner could tell.

Imported cared multi stone fetish necklace. Some stones and shells are real and some are synthetic. 82 fetish carvings. birds, bears, fox, fish.

“In the seventies, mass produced fetish necklaces flooded the market, -No heishe between fetishes, called a “stacked necklace,” probably not Zuni.

Fetish necklace - Stacked very long, 41 mixed animals Neil Thomas, Navajo-The stones and shells Neil Thomas, Navajo, uses are are bright and vibrant and.