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THE LOVER concerns the year-old "the girl" (Jane March) in and her relationship with the year-old "the Chinaman" (Tony Leung). This film is as sensitive as it is steamy, and has alot of sex scenes, but they are.

Jane March Horwood (born 20 March ) is an English film actress and former model. False rumours that the sex scenes between March and her co-star Tony Leung Ka-fai in the film had been real and not simulated led to her being.

one that contends that his two principal actors, Jane March and Tony Leung, actually made love during the film's undeniably steamy scenes. passionless porn (people instinctively know that the very real sex in porn films is.

Starring: Jane March, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Melvil Poupaud . more descriptive sex scenes, and a different plot setting,set in Vietnam in the early 's during​.