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These login credentials are then routinely used by hackers to hijack your accounts, a threat that’s largely mitigated by using a password manager and unique password for each site you visit.​ To that end, last February Google unveiled a new experimental Password Checkup extension.

This makes me laugh. These titles imply "one" password, which is wrong in and of itself. A person should have many passwords, all different, and all extremely.

Posts about passwords written by Ken Snider, Cory Doctorow, Rusty (search and Gmail), with all other growth coming from acquisitions and mergers. , usernames and passwords from Brazzers, a giant porn site;.

Some of the usernames and passwords I use for certain websites (admittedly, they are EDIT: lol, several people seem perplexed that I would pay for porn when so much of it can be found for free on the net. You have access to everything.